Basket Type Strainer

Axegic valves besides manufacturing different varieties of industrial valves and being one of the leading manufacturers of the valves also fabricatedifferent types of strainers with their basket type strainer and Y type strainers and lead the industrial sector with the finest and premium quality strainers manufacturers in Ahmedabad and India.

Basket type strainers removes dirt materials from   a horizontal pipeline using a grid.These strainers are usually made of stainless steel so that the product can maintain its durability and quality. The Basket type strainers are typically found in machinery such as motors, control equipment, and setting traps, where they can help keep the strainer from becoming corrosive or damaged while also allowing it to go down the lane.

Basket type strainers can have a long-lasting life if they are cleaned and maintained regularly. Using Basket strainers in pipelines and pumps make sure that the machine downstream is guarded from useless as well as possibly damaged particles. Users should monitor the temperature of the strainers on a regular basis to ensure that the basket type strainers last a long time, since this investment might have a major impact on the downstream machine.