Knife gate valve

Knife Gate valves can withstand harsh environments thanks to its sharp cutting blades that can cut through the heaviest liquids such as paper pulp, waste waters, varnish, and more. Knife gate valves have the advantage of being less expensive, easier to operate, and lighter in weight.

Knife Gate valves are utilized when the positions of the valves ought to be highly open or closed. Besides being the manufacturer of Knife Gate Valve, we at Axegic Valves also hold expertise in manufacturing Bi- Directional Knife Edge Gate Valve and Square type Knife Edge Gate Valve.

Knife Gate valves and Gate valves are sometimes misidentified, however there is a subtle distinction between the two.Gate valves are manufactured to American National Standard Institute (ANSI) norms, whereas Knife Gate valves are built to Technical Association of Paper and Pulp Industry (TAPPI) requirements at Axegic Valves.

Another small distinction is that Knife Gate valves have a packaging duct that seals around the gate, whereas Gate valves have a V ring that closes the axis around the gate. We are one of the leading Knife Edge Gate Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad and aspire to reach to hundreds of industries with our premium quality of industry valves and strainers.